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13 July 2012


I almost forgot to post my photos from my trip to Atlanta!  I'm really terrible at taking photos on vacation.  I get caught up in my activities and completely forget to document the occassion!

1 - My view from the 34th floor at the Marriott Marquis downtown Atlanta.
2 - The view from the lobby to the top floor. The elevators were all glass.
3 - Bath & Body Works Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion.  Yes, I took them home.

1 - My first time at Gladys Knight & Ron Winans Chicken & Waffles.  YUMMY!!
2 - Me waiting outside in 100 degreem temps for chicken and waffles.  Worth the wait!
3 - My drink (on the house) at Sear inside my hotel.
4 - My dinner one night also at Sear...seared bass and couscous!  Delish!

Did I mention that this was a work trip?  It was the annual Society of Human Resources national conference.
1 - Some of my swag from the conference.  I do it all!
2 - Tuesday night show... Jerry Seinfeld!  Yes, he still does stand-up and yes it was hilarious!
3 - Condeleeza Rice, the opening speaker for the conference.  Very inspiring!  I had never heard her speak before but she was truly AMAZING!!

11 July 2012

Be Good (Lion's Song)

Someone shared this video with me a few days ago.  This song is beautiful!  "Be Good" is the first video from Jazz singer Gregory Porter's critically acclaimed album of the same name. 

09 July 2012

House of Divas

House of Divas is a clothing and styling center run by Toke Oyegoke and Labake Ojutalayo.  They focus on designing and producting high quality outfits that are exclusive and mind blowing, for all walks of life.  They work with each client to create an individual style that suits them perfectly.  While most outfits are custom made, they provide off the rack clothing that can be tailored in case of an unplanned or unexpected event.  House of Divas' goal is to make "YOU" a DIVA in your own right.  After all "IMAGE IS EVERYTHING"! 

Take a look at a few of their custom designs:

Below is a video of a sample design collection for Monday through Sunday.


05 July 2012

Labels to Know - GREY

Fashion label GREY is made up of the trio - Rukky Ladoja, Obi Obioha, and Tola Ayanwale (where Rukky does the majority of designing).  Based in Nigeria, the vision of GREY is to provide daywear that makes women feel special.  Everyday clothes are what you live your life in.  GREY is unique in that they strive to offer their clients a range of chic fashion staples at reasonable price points.  These designers work to fill the gap for fashionable yet comfortable clothes for women who are interesting, intelligent, and capable

This label currently does not have an online store, so getting merchandise is a bit challenging for those of us who live outside of Lagos, Nigeria; however, their contact information is provided on fashion fashion blog.  Here are a few recent designs from their 2012 collection:

Ok these are from the 2011 collection but just too fabulous not to post!!  LOVE!!

29 June 2012

Be Bohemian

I was originally introduced to Boho-Gal via instagram (follow me @the_socialite1).  Each day a new piece of jewelry was posted and I became more and more obsessed.  I finally gave in and made a purchase.  To my delight, a lovely package was waiting for me this morning in the mail.  With my recent trip to Atlanta, I had completely forgotten about the little treasures I had purchased only a few days before. 

I have always admired the comfy freedom that accompanies all things Bohemian.  I have longed to transition my style to a more Bohemian air, so logically I've started with accessories (jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.).  So here is to a more Bohemian state of existence.

Mumtazi Freedom Wings Earrings & Sonali Tear Shape Ring