13 July 2012


I almost forgot to post my photos from my trip to Atlanta!  I'm really terrible at taking photos on vacation.  I get caught up in my activities and completely forget to document the occassion!

1 - My view from the 34th floor at the Marriott Marquis downtown Atlanta.
2 - The view from the lobby to the top floor. The elevators were all glass.
3 - Bath & Body Works Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion.  Yes, I took them home.

1 - My first time at Gladys Knight & Ron Winans Chicken & Waffles.  YUMMY!!
2 - Me waiting outside in 100 degreem temps for chicken and waffles.  Worth the wait!
3 - My drink (on the house) at Sear inside my hotel.
4 - My dinner one night also at Sear...seared bass and couscous!  Delish!

Did I mention that this was a work trip?  It was the annual Society of Human Resources national conference.
1 - Some of my swag from the conference.  I do it all!
2 - Tuesday night show... Jerry Seinfeld!  Yes, he still does stand-up and yes it was hilarious!
3 - Condeleeza Rice, the opening speaker for the conference.  Very inspiring!  I had never heard her speak before but she was truly AMAZING!!


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