23 January 2012

1950s Vintage

My vintage find of the day comes from Etsy shop BessGeorgette.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Etsy??  They have so many fun, unique items that are impossible to find elsewhere.  Like this 1950s Vintage Jacket by Lilli Ann.  This jacket features asymmetric pleating in three different shades of brown and three ornate metal buttons to fasten the front.  Why do I love this piece?  The neutral color creates lots of options for pairing this piece from a pencil skirt and slingbacks to jeans and pumps. The asymmetrical design forces you to wear this jacket buttoned, so you will always look polished.  The waist is nipped, which will provide that curvy, feminine look we're always striving for.  As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with this jacket!  It screams, look at me in a sophisticated, classic manner.  Visit BessGeorgette's shop for more vintage looks like this!

Photos courtesy of BessGeorgette.