14 May 2012

Tees for the Natural

I'm all about representin for natural black beauty, especially in a society where silky straight is the most politically correct hair type.  There is something about rockin my fro or a colorful scarf and wearing a natural hair t-shirt that makes me feel extra confident.  Not to mention the positive comments and compliments make me feel extra awesome.  Sometimes you have to toot your own horn! Here are a few t-shirts that I'd like to add to my repertoire...WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?

ThreeLittleBirdsTees on Etsy - $19.95

Bon Bon Vie - $25

Cafe Press - $26

I Love My Hair - $34

Close up of I Love My Hair t-shirt


  1. Sigh. I love natural hair but can never pull it off. I've tried allowing my perm to grow out for a couple of years and still couldn't achieve the look. However I do love the look on others! I adore the 'brown skin lady' shirt as well as the 'I love my hair'!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  2. @Darling Bonnie those are my favorites too. But nonsense that you can't rock the natural look! It's a process and every afro looks different. I think you should give it another shot.

  3. I just pinned that pic of the first tee in Pinterest (yellow version) about six days ago! Great minds think alike! I love 'em ALL! B. Natural Apparel also has some cute tees, too! I'm lemming for their loc love tee.

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