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31 May 2012

Nueva York - Day 1

Needless to say, I had a blast in New York. There is so much to see and do it makes it hard to leave. I had a long to-do list that quickly became irrelevant once I got into the swing of things.  Instead of creating a single blog entry about my entire trip, I've decided to break it up and elaborate on the highlights. I hope you enjoy!!

Harlem, NY

The Demolition Depot was one of the first buildings I spotted when I got off the bus in Harlem.  I really liked how old parts were used to create the wording across the building and you can see all types of rummage through the windows.  The Demolition Depot is a unique source of vintage plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, shutters, railings, gates, etc, etc. which are geared towards the re-creation and renovation of period places.  I was inspired.  If I hadn't been bogged down with luggage (and, more importantly, if they had been open), I would have stopped and taken a look around.

On a more random note, the 2nd building I noticed was the DMV and the line was down the block!! Keep in mind it was about 8:30am on Friday morning. Sheesh!

Brooklyn, NY
I didn't have a lot of time for photos initially as I was on a strict timeline to get to my dear friend's apartment before he left for an appointment.  Unfortunately, even after rushing, I arrived too late. I used my free morning to get some breakfast at the bottega and get a much needed pedicure.  The bottega and the nail shop were across the street from each other and a block from my friend's apartment.  How awesome is that?  Reason number #459 why I love NYC!!

After feeding my belly and getting my feet to a more presentable state, I took a moment to chill out on the stoop.  I noticed the texture and colors in the aged door behind me and decided it would make a great back drop for a photo.  Viola!! This was the result.  I concluded that if I ever made a CD, this would be my album cover. 

That evening I went out to Iguana New York Restaurant & Dance Lounge.  The drinks were strong and the music was great.  What more can a girl ask for?  The night also included a stop at Ray's Pizza (I'm not sure which one but it was delish!).  Here I am at the end of the night (roughly around 5:15 am) waiting for the subway after a great evening in the city!!

Union Square

25 May 2012

On Vacation - NYC

I'm spoiling myself this year as promised and doing more traveling.  This weekend I'll be taking my Southern Hospitality to the wonderful and amazing city of New York.  I'm looking forward to all the exciting events taking place for Memorial Day.  Stay tuned for photos from my trip (seriously this time).  Until then, Happy Friday!!

24 May 2012

Just Pix

  1. Sunday dinner at The Pit. The best Eastern NC BBQ money can buy!
  2. The classic office photo.  Me working "diligently" and feeling extra smug in the BCBG wrap dress I found thrifting.
  3. One of the booths at The Raleigh Arts Festival 2012/Artsplosure.  Guitars made out of license plates. 
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14 May 2012

Tees for the Natural

I'm all about representin for natural black beauty, especially in a society where silky straight is the most politically correct hair type.  There is something about rockin my fro or a colorful scarf and wearing a natural hair t-shirt that makes me feel extra confident.  Not to mention the positive comments and compliments make me feel extra awesome.  Sometimes you have to toot your own horn! Here are a few t-shirts that I'd like to add to my repertoire...WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?

ThreeLittleBirdsTees on Etsy - $19.95

Bon Bon Vie - $25

Cafe Press - $26

I Love My Hair - $34

Close up of I Love My Hair t-shirt

04 May 2012

To-Do List

  1. Wear a shirt that says "Life".  Hand out lemons on the street corner.
  2. Hire two private investigators.  Get them to follow each other.
  3. Major in philosophy.  Ask people WHY they want fries with that.
  4. Go into a crowded elevator and say, "I bet you're all wondering why I gathered you here," with a straight face.
  5. Make vanilla pudding.  Put in mayo jar.  Eat in public.
  6. Become a teacher.  Make a test where every answer is "C".  Enjoy the show.
  7. Wait until someone is about to sneeze.  Right before they do, loudly scream, "PIKA PIKAAA!!!"
  8. Run into a store, ask what year it is.  When someone answers, yell "It worked!" and run out cheering.
  9. Buy a horse, name it "Oscar Takes the Lead", enter it into horse races.
  10. Invite someone into your office, turn around in office chair and say, "I've been expecting you..."
  11. Change your name to Simon.  Speak in third person.
  12. Buy a parrot.  Teach the parrot to say, "Help I've been turned into a parrot."
  13. Follow joggers around in a car blasting "Eye of the Tiger" for encouragement.
Which ones are you adding to your list?

02 May 2012

Black & White

I don't remember photography being this difficult when I was on the yearbook committee in high school.  I couldn't get the right lighting with these photos but I enjoyed this outfit.  I was going for kind of an 80s vibe with this look.  I put my hair into a faux-hawk and left the shoulder pads in this blazer that I got from the thrift shop.  I carried the black and white color scheme all the way down to my shoes.  Sadly this is the last time I'll be able to wear these shoes.  I broke the heel while I was out!!

Blazer - thrifted
Top - The Limited
Bottom - thrifted
Shoes - Steve Madden