11 April 2012

Mega Millions

As I'm sure you know, the Mega Millions Jackpot hit a historical high of $656 million last week.  I've only gambled three times my whole life -- twice with someone else's money (lol seriously, I'm THAT cheap) but I put my $2 into the pot this time around.  The immediate cash payout for a single winner would come to $474 million. WOW!! That's a lot of scratch.  

Of course with so much money up for grabs, the conversation among my family, friends, and coworkers (before the winning numbers were picked and we all discovered that we didn't win) was, "What would you do with a half a billion dollars??"  No, no, not the obvious, "ordinary" stuff like paying off bills, buy a cool house, drive your dream car, get a maid, make sure your family and closest friends were taken care of, blah, blah...who cares.  I mean the one crazy, insane I'm-rich-and-I-know-it thing you would do with your money.  That answer is nothing I had to dwell over for any period of time.  I would go Mariah Carey on my closet.  Yeah, super crazy.  I know you've seen and drooled over it before but I honestly can't get enough of it.  Would I have an associate working there full time?  YES.  Her job would be to put together outfits for me each day and rotate my clothing so I don't accidentally wear the same thing twice...ewww!!  That's what poor people do! My "used" clothing items would go towards a charitable cause.  I would resell the items at a crazy discounted price (for "less fortunate" fashionistas) and the proceeds would go towards Dress for Success, an organization I currently volunteer for.  What would you do?

For your viewing pleasure, I've added a few photos of my...errr Mariah's closet.


  1. Girl if only we could all have a Mariah closet! If I had that money my stupid rich moment would be to spend 1 million on a completely new wardrobe!!!

  2. I would love a big closet like that, although..not sure if I could justify having that many clothes..I'd end up giving some away now and then. But, it is beautiful!! x

  3. I don't know what I would do with myself if I had a closet like tht.