02 May 2012

Black & White

I don't remember photography being this difficult when I was on the yearbook committee in high school.  I couldn't get the right lighting with these photos but I enjoyed this outfit.  I was going for kind of an 80s vibe with this look.  I put my hair into a faux-hawk and left the shoulder pads in this blazer that I got from the thrift shop.  I carried the black and white color scheme all the way down to my shoes.  Sadly this is the last time I'll be able to wear these shoes.  I broke the heel while I was out!!

Blazer - thrifted
Top - The Limited
Bottom - thrifted
Shoes - Steve Madden


  1. How did I miss these posts, lol! Are you sure there's no hope for the heels? Not even a job Super Glue can fix?? Poor, Maddens. :(

  2. They are beyond repair! Trust me, I tried.