29 June 2012

Be Bohemian

I was originally introduced to Boho-Gal via instagram (follow me @the_socialite1).  Each day a new piece of jewelry was posted and I became more and more obsessed.  I finally gave in and made a purchase.  To my delight, a lovely package was waiting for me this morning in the mail.  With my recent trip to Atlanta, I had completely forgotten about the little treasures I had purchased only a few days before. 

I have always admired the comfy freedom that accompanies all things Bohemian.  I have longed to transition my style to a more Bohemian air, so logically I've started with accessories (jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.).  So here is to a more Bohemian state of existence.

Mumtazi Freedom Wings Earrings & Sonali Tear Shape Ring


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