04 June 2012

Nueva York - Day 3

This was by far the best day of my vacation. Technically, I was outside of New York but it was still part of my vacation so I will include it under the same umbrella.  I traveled to Bloomfield, New Jersey to celebrate the 40th birthday of a fabulous woman.

The Birthday Girl and her loving husband.
I've decided that if I'm a fraction as fabulous as this woman 10 years from now, I will consider myself blessed.   There were so many people who traveled for miles and several states away to join her in this wonderful occasion.  No matter how big or expensive the gifts, it's the people who make life worth living.

Oakeside Mansion, Bloomfield, NJ

The party was held at Oakeside Mansion with about 150 guests.

The tablesetting
Me and my "date".  We had a blast!

I realized after the night was over that I never took a picture of my outfit!!  It slipped my mind in the midst of all of the excitement.  Once photos come back from the photographer, I'll have to snatch one and post it.

The food was AMAZING!!
There was an abundant amount of food.  Overall, this was not a good weekend for dieting.  Not including the heavy hor d'oeuvres served during cocktail hour, the dinner included eggplant parmesan, turkey, stuffing, and roasted potatoes.  After dinner, cute dessert trays were placed on each table (which was nearly devoured before I could take a photo).  This was followed by birthday cake.

No, that's not cake.  You are mistaken.
Gift from her husband -- a Mercedes Benz complete with big red bow!
This was the best part of the night.  Her husband surprised her with car keys inside of a Tiffany's box.  After her initial shock, she couldn't stop crying.  Ladies, if you're wondering (because I asked), they met on a blind date and he has no available brothers, cousins, or friends.  Bummer.
Open bar with ONLY top shelf beverages! The bartenders were super nice and generous pourers.
I almost forgot to mention, there was an open bar the entire night!! I had a DD so I took full advantage.  I was on vacation, after all.


  1. Your "date" is a cutie! lol! The birthday woman looks beautiful, she sort of reminds me of Paula Patton a bit! Her gift from hubs, now fellas that's how you do it!!!