09 February 2012

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The original recording from Gil Scott-Heron's first album, Small Talk at 125th and Lenox, released in 1970 put to video. 

Bottomline is, the government will only let us see, know, and learn what THEY think its relevant and important, whether it is or not. This made me ponder: how many years was Black History taught while you were in school? For me, it was every year during the month of February. What's ironic is that we "learned" about the same historical black figures year after year.  There are so many other contributions African Americans have made to society that are overlooked and neglected.  Do you think that's by design? 


  1. Let me tell what's no secret.. The government is corrupt. I too learned only of the same historical black figures year after year in school though I knew there were many more then the school care too speak about. Luckily I had a mother who believed in teaching black history in the home.
    Darling Bonnie