29 February 2012

Pucker Up

I have tons of reusable bags stashed about.  Sometimes I even remember to grab a couple before I go to the market.  Occasionally I'll remember to take said bags into the market as I leave my car.  Admittedly, I'm forgetful.  I'll also admit that I'm not that person who's gung-ho about recycling and saving the environment.  I mean, I do feel guilty taking a huge plastic bag for one or two tiny items but I mostly like reusable bags because they're roomy.  I live on the 3rd floor and I refuse to make more than one trip up to my apartment when I go food shopping.  They're also comfortable on the shoulders.  Even with very heavy bags they don't cut into my shoulders or hands the way plastic bags do.  Most importantly, they can be stylish.  Why can't a look great carrying my frozen peas out to my car?

This Pucker Up EZ Reusable Bag and Pouch ($10) solves all of my "problems".  The bag is stored cutely in a 3"x1.5" lipstick-shaped case which can be attached to your key ring.  No more leaving my bags at home or in the car!  The bag expands generously to 14"x16" and it's a vibrant color of red which is a statement within itself.  Can you see yourself toting this ridiculously cute pouch?


  1. OMG! What a neat and stylish concept. Don't feel bad, I don't recycle like I should either and I'm a science teacher.