02 March 2012

Dear, Future Self

I've been debating for the past 3 months about going back to school to get my MBA.  Each time I start to seriously consider it, I get stressed out, start doubting myself and get trapped in this maze of confusion in my head.  I come up with a million reasons why I can't and only a handful (if I'm lucky) of reasons why I can or even should.  It causes me so much stress I usually just put it into the back of my mind for later consideration.  Repeat.  I came across this today:

Internet inspiration.  It's always so simple.  Something you already know deep inside.  That slap in the face and kick in the booty you really need from a stranger half your age (OMG I sounded so old saying that!).  So with that being said, I'm off to complete a few graduate school applications.  Happy Friday!


  1. Dear Future,
    I hope my feature self will reap all the seeds I have sown from a joyful harvest filled love from family&friends.
    And I learn to apperciate all my hard work and every situation (good&bad).

    Sincerly yours
    the present.x