05 March 2012

Meet - Ruthie Davis

If I were a shoe designer, my designs would look exactly like those of Ruthie Davis.  Vivid shapes, colors and edgy adornments all wrapped up in a sky high heel made to turn heads.  Ruthie Davis designs have a special place in my heart (and maybe one day, my closet).  Conceived in New York and constructed in Italy, each shoe in the collection has a point of view, as well as a point of difference.  The common thread, however, is a sense of drama, a pop of color and luxury materials.

Each shoe is imagined and hand-sketched by Ruthie Davis herself.  The result are shoes that appear to be impossible to wear, but are made for sharp women with places to go.  Ruthie Davis shoes are for women with a strong sense of style and self (that is so me!!).  

You can find Ruthie's designs at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, or if you live in a small city like me endless.com.  Price points range from $400 for a sleek flat to $1,800 for highly embellished heels incorporating custom studs and Swarovski crystals.  Here are some of my favorite Ruthie Davis designs:







  1. Girl, I am over here drooling. Love your blog and your purpose. Stay focused sis. I will definitely be back. Following- Always,SOULBeautiful xx*s www.alilpieceofmysoul.blogspot.com

  2. I have to tell shoe designers to think more about comfort and health issues when designing their shoe collection. Do I find them pretty and very artistic, "yes!" Can I walk on the concrete street of NYC or anywhere else? "No!"

    You will most likely love NY, there is so much to do.

  3. I am planning a trip to NYC this summer. I can't wait to go shopping there (even though it will be mostly window shopping)!!